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About Resilient Growth Partners

Your Guide for Growth

Our Guiding Principles

These are the core beliefs that guide how we work every day. 


The path to success is never a straight line. Success requires resilience in overcoming obstacles and seizing opportunities.



We strive to add value to every interaction—even when there is nothing in it for us.


When you focus intensely on helping your customers achieve success, good things will happen.


Leverage the power of data to guide decisions. Earn trust by honoring each person you engage.


None of us has all the answers. We can grow as individuals and teams to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities.



Set ambitious goals. Then take small steps, measure results, adapt, and repeat to achieve great things.

Matt Pesce

Managing Partner

Hi! My name is Matt and I hope that I will be able to help you—whether that's something small like a useful blog post or some outside advice (find out more about a free advisor session here) or in a big way like a partnership to help you grow your business.

My specialty is helping B2B companies innovate and grow, with expertise in strategy, product, marketing, business development and international expansion. Having led growth initiatives for organizations from startups to the Fortune 100, I am able to help scaleup companies grow effectively without losing the ability to adapt and innovate quickly. I infuse an entrepreneurial mindset in larger, established companies to drive innovation and new growth. I bring insights and best practices from a variety of industries, including healthcare, IT, e-commerce, entertainment, construction/infrastructure, professional services and more.

"Matt brings incredible value to everything he touches."

"Matt brings incredible value to everything he touches."
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Prior to Resilient Growth Partners, I served as VP of Marketing and Product Strategy for ZOLL, helping grow revenue by 21% CAGR over six years, crossing $1b annually. As VP of Global Marketing for Maptek, I helped drive annual revenue growth up to 37%. I am proud to have been an advisor to over 50 CEOs of high-growth, scaleup companies. I earned an engineering degree from Cornell University.

If you have big dreams and need help getting there, let's talk!

Advisor for:

BEN Colorado-h_edited.jpg
Denver Economic Development Opportunity
Matt Pesce, Managing Partner

"Drove the firm to scale new heights"

CUIC (Colorado Universities Innovation Council)

Fostering the Next Generation of Leaders

As the Growth and Innovation leaders for CUIC, we work with industry partners to identify opportunities to leverage student ingenuity and perspective. Connect with us to learn about ways the LINKED program can help you take on important projects and give you competitive advantage. In addition to the satisfaction of giving back by providing growth opportunities for students, here's what's in it for you:

  • Creativity and fresh perspective to solve your real business problems and capitalize on your opportunities

  • Tremendous opportunity for publicity

  • A superb talent pipeline with direct, real-world exposure to top candidates

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